Arizona Top 5

We had so much fun exploring Arizona! From beautiful desert flowers to the amazing rock formations and crisp blue waterfalls, here are some places you must put on your travel list.

#5  Sedona, AZ — Still not sure what a vortex is, but we had a blast exploring red rock country and enjoying the beautiful sunsets!  Make sure you take the scenic drive from Flagstaff through Oak Creek Canyon, and check out the unique rock formations like Devil’s Bridge, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Red Rock State Park.

#4  Flagstaff, AZ — Can’t say enough about this mountain town that sits below our favorite skiing spot–Arizona Snowbowl.  Great food, brews, shopping, and our jump off point for many of our adventures!

#3  Page, AZ — Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend! It’s a must stop.

#2 Grand Canyon — I know Rach really enjoyed being there to see my face the first time I saw it, and we will never forget sharing the experience with so many of our family and friends. I guess you could say its what makes us tick.

#1 Havasu Falls— What can I say, I am a sucker for waterfalls! And, I love the destinations that take some effort to get to.  After hiking 10 miles and managing through the caves, descending chains, and wooden ladders the iconic clear blue water and innumerable falls are straight out of a dream.

One thought on “Arizona Top 5

  1. I love what you said about your goal for the blog in your “About” page, and the quotes. I hope all is going well with the travel nursing – looks like it! (Or maybe it hasn’t started?) Some very nice photos here!

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