#23 Flatiron Peak


“Lead the way Harry!” I exclaimed as we hopped on the siphon draw trail at Lost Dutchman State Park. My youngest brother had flown in the night before from St. Louis to enjoy his spring break with Rach and I. We had a week full of plans and decided to kick it off by hiking to the top of the Flatiron, something Rach and I had attempted to do a few weeks prior but due to a lack of preparation were unable to finish.


Hike up Siphon Draw Trail to Flatiron Peak

Well this time we were finally going to make it to the summit! We left Phoenix at 7:30, headed east, and were hiking by 8:30. We put Harry in charge of setting a brisk pace as we followed the gentle incline of the dirt path. However, after about a mile of walking the trail quickly intensified. It snaked through the basin of a canyon over smooth, steep rock surfaces making our legs burn and our nerves fray.

Some reprieve was attained once we reached the saddle of the trail but was short lived. After a minimal jaunt downhillΒ the trail turned into large boulders and loose stones making it difficult to discern where the trail went.Β  At one point we actually lost the trail and ended up scaling a small 10 foot rock wall but eventually we emerged from brittle brush onto a large plateau with the actual trail In site and with only a couple hundred feet left to go.

The last portion of the trail was mainly flat and ceased at the end of a large plateau. We sat, ate our PB&Js, and admired the expansive view before making the slow trek back to the car.

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