#22 Seven Falls


“Are you sure this trail is only 5 miles round trip? I feel like we’ve been walking forever.” I questioned Rach as she gingerly leapt from boulder to boulder that protruded from the Sabino Canyon creek bed.

“That’s what the website said…let me check when we get to the other side of this creek.”

Rach pulled her phone out once she had reached the sandy shoreline and looked up the Seven Falls trail information.

“Oh shoot…” Rach quietly whispered.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, it seems I didn’t read the entire post about the trail.  It’s only 5 miles round trip if you take a tram to the trailhead from the parking lot. We walked from the parking lot so I think that adds another 4 miles….Whoops!” Rach nervously exclaimed.

“We’ve come this far, might as well keep on walking. I just wish we would have brought more food than 2 granola bars and some trail mix.”

Rach and I have been working quite a bit here in Arizona and last week we finally had a day off together.  We decided to head down to Tucson to check out Sabino Canyon and 7 falls. Unfortunately, our plans for a short 2 hour hike turned into a much longer time commitment but I must say even though we doubled our planned hiking distance the views at 7 falls were completely worth it.

Sabino Canyon is located just east of Tucson and offers a wide variety of hiking trails. However, the actual trailheads are located at varying distances from the two parking lots which is where the tram ride comes in handy. For $4 apiece we could have taken a tram to the 7 falls trailhead which, in the end, would have saved us about 4 miles of walking.   Unfortunately, we missed this memo.  The two miles to get to the trailhead traverse a stereotypical Arizona landscape past cacti and red dirt but follow along a paved road which hinders any sense of seclusion. The actual 7 falls trail produces much more inspiring views. It winds through a stunning landscape saturated with saguaro cacti, a bubbling creek, and shear rock walls eventually ending with 7 cascading waterfalls. Once at the falls we took our time eating what little snacks we had packed and hiking up to some of the higher water features. The view really was spectacular.

However, after soaking in the glittering views of the falls and in our attempts to ward of extreme hanger we hiked as fast as we could back to the car where our actual lunch patiently awaited us.

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