Tbt: Ocoee River Rafting

Well, it has been a little while since our latest blog post.  Rach has been hard at work the last few weeks as we get ready for our adventures in March.  We wanted to use our first “Throwback Thursday” to reminisce on one of our favorite trips with two wild and crazy guys in our family, my brother Harry and my brother-in-law Logan who will both be visiting during their separate spring breaks this month.

On our way down to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a Family Vacation, Rach and I convinced Harry and Logan to make a 7 hour detour to raft the Ocoee River in Benton, Tennessee.  The Ocoee River flows through the southern Appalachian Mountains, and has a 5-mile stretch of class III and IV rapids was used for the kayaking slalom race in the 1996 Summer Olympics.  Needless to say, this river does not disappoint!

We could not be more excited  for both our little brothers to visit us in Arizona–stayed tuned for some more family adventures!

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