#13 Kayaking Lady Bird Lake


One of the main reasons Austin was so appealing to us as a travel assignment was because Texas winters are much more enjoyable than Missouri winters!  Now, although we haven’t been able to completely avoid the chilling temperatures of winter we definitely have taken advantage of every warm sunny day we’ve had so far in Texas.  Recently Austin has experienced a few cold spells with sporadic balmy days in between. On one steamy Saturday we had a couple good friends from Dallas come to town for a visit.  While brunching at one of our favorite spots, Snooze, Rach and I tried to come up with a fun activity that would exemplify the spirit of Austin.  Though it was just a week before Christmas, temperatures were in the upper 70s and headed for the upper 20’s the following day, so it was a perfect excuse to check out what we believe are two Austin staples…jumping into Barton Springs pool and seeing the Austin skyline from a kayak on Lady Bird Lake.  We found a Groupon for  Congress Ave Kayaks that included two tandem kayaks for four hours at a grand total of $27…not too shabby!  We  grabbed our swimming suits and the GoPro and headed for the water.  We spent our time on the lake getting a great arm workout and soaking up some rays.

After a few hours of kayaking we felt the need to kick our water activities up a notch. Thus, we headed to Barton Spring Pool for a quick dip!  Luckily for us, Barton Springs entrance fee is waived from November 1, 2016 – February 26, 2017 so we walked right in, threw our towels down, and  each jumped  into the frigid pool. We spent a few minutes swimming around and jumping off the diving board.  We all felt the awaking impact of the water, got out, and used our newfound energy to thoroughly enjoy a night on the town!

Shawn and Meagan, it truly was a blast!  Come visit any time!
Aaron and Rachel



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