Blog Post #10: Hamilton Pool


Hamilton Pool

Recently, my Grandpa David traveled by train down from St. Louis to Austin to visit Rach and I.  His train ride was a daunting 22 hours long so needless to say by the time he arrived in Texas he was a little stir crazy. We planned a week of active, outdoorsy activities for him to enjoy and they did not disappoint.

On one of our days hanging out with Grandpa, we got up early and grabbed some breakfast tacos at Taco Deli to go (even though Grandpa was extremely skeptical about eating a taco for breakfast) and then hightailed it out to Hill Country to do some good ole’ exploring!

After a quick forty minute drive we arrived at Hamilton Pool Preserve.  We were the first people to show up and were pleasantly delighted to find that because we had an individual in our party that was over the age of 65 our vehicle admission was only $5! Way to go Grandpa! Hamilton Pool is a natural spring fed swimming pool in Texas Hill Country just 30 minutes from Austin. It’s a popular spot to take pictures and swim. During the summer and on warm weekends you can only get in by making reservations and it books up fast. We’ve heard it’s best to book 2 months in advance! After paying our minuscule admission fee we learned that the pool was closed to swimmers due to high bacteria levels from runoff from the cattle ranches nearby. Darn cows!  We parked our car and began the short but steep and slippery walk to get to the pool.

I have never felt more like a Goonie than when my eyes fell on Hamilton Pool. My jaw just dropped as I watched a large waterfall plummet to a blue pool below in a echoing cave like structure. We stared in silence for a few minutes and then continued to walk through the cave and behind the waterfall.  We were able to see the entire pool from all angles.  It really was spectacular and a great way for my grandpa to get countless selfies!

Fun Fact:  Part of the 1987 science fiction movie Predator was filmed here.

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