#11 Street Art and Murals of Austin


People in Austin enjoy making every inch of this city beautiful and memorable.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my grandpa David recently took the 22 hour train ride from St.Louis to visit, and really wanted to show him the parts of Austin that make it so unique and specialΒ for us. Β We have been living in Austin for a few months and I love seeing the murals all over the city. Every time I drive down First or Congress and even Lamar I see a new mural. Β I see murals every day, but we have never intentionally gone out looking for them. Β So, on one of our days with my grandpa we grabbed our cameras and set out for a day of intense mural hunting! Β We had seen many murals around the city but to make sure we experienced all of the popular ones we googled a list of some of the best murals in Austin! Β We spent the afternoon driving from spot to spot,Β getting out to take selfies and pictures of each other. Β There are hundreds of different walls covered all over the city. Β Here are just a few of our favorites!

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