Blog Post #9: Krause Springs

One thing I love about Austin, TX is that everyone here is so genuinely nice!

Each day Rach comes home from work she has a new story of someone’s kindness and generosity.  Her patients and their family members are always giving her hugs and the doctors go out of their way to sincerely thank her for taking care of their patients!

Austin is home to the University of Texas Longhorns and countless corporate headquarters and because of this so many people we have met are not actually from Austin or even from Texas. All of these transplants have been incredibly generous with not only their time but also their food and music suggestions.

A few weeks ago we met a groovy Austin local and his son near Town Lake.  We chatted with him for a while, and in true Austin fashion, he asked us what we have explored so far and suggested a place we had not heard of yet…Krause Springs.  Many folks’ favorite place in Texas is a beautiful natural spring-fed pool in the Hill Country called Hamilton Pool, which is currently closed to swimmers until the new year.  However, Krause Springs is a man-made pool fed by natural springs nearby that our Austin friend said is a favorite of the locals in the area.

Now, we have been warned about visiting local ” hot spots” and “beaches”, like Hippie Hallow on Travis Lake, as they sometimes tend to be of the nudest variety.  However, after a tactful phone call, we learned that clothing was “strongly encouraged” in the 68 degree pool and there was kid-friendly camping availible so we decided it was would be worth a visit over Thanksgiving weekend.  And, the 68 degree water did not disappoint!

Krause Springs is a beautiful mix a natural resources and landscaping right in the heart of Texas Hill Country.  The main attractions are the manmade spring-fed pools, gardens, and relaxing campgrounds.  After setting up camp, we ran down to the springs, gritted our teeth and jumped in.  Since we were swimming in late November, temperatures outside the water were probably about the same as the chilly 68 degree water, but after a few minutes of treading, we got used to it.  Behind the waterfall, there is a cave that you can swim into and explore–its pretty spooky!  And, since the pool is pretty deep, there is a rope swing which I took full advantage of.

We brought our warm clothes down to the springs to change into after we dried off.  Hoping for a nice warm shower in the bathhouse, we were startled to find out that the showers were only equip with the same cold spring water we had just vacated.  So after a quick rinse, we put on all our warm clothes we had packed and headed back to camp to start a fire and got cooking.  Thanksgiving weekend is a popular time for Texans to go camping in the state parks.  Since literally every other campsite in the hill country of Texas was taken, we were pleasantly surprised when Krause’s camping area wasn’t very crowded at all.  We had a beautiful evening cooking pizza on the fire and eating fire melted chocolate and marshmallow bananas for dessert.

At only 30 miles west of Austin, we highly recommend Krause springs as a beautiful place to cool off and camp if you are ever looking get out of the city for the day or the weekend.  We are still looking forward to Hamilton Pool when it opens up next year–stay tuned, we will keep ya’ll posted!

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