Blog Post #8: San Antonio Christmas River Parade

Now, if any of you know my wife you know how obsessed the gal is with Christmas! This being said, when I heard about a riverwalk Christmas parade and San Antonio on Black Friday I knew we had to go!

I got us two front row seats at an area on the river where the floats would pass by twice. So, on black Friday we headed straight to San Antonio after spending the morning on the beach. Because we bought tickets we didn’t have to worry about lugging chairs down to the riverwalk or getting there extra early to stake out a good spot. We were able to have a relaxing dinner and slowly make our way to our seats. The parade started at 6:30 pm but didn’t get to our spot on the river until about 7:15, but we definitely didn’t mind. The trees and buildings along the riverwalk were decked out with lights and were nice to look at while we patiently waited.

When the first float turned the corner the Christmas music being played could hardly be heard over the roar of delight from the crowd! We waved and sang along with the music as we watched 28 floats pass by! These were some of the most impressive floats we had ever seen and the word “float” gained a whole new meaning for Rach and I as most were pontoon boats that literally floated by. If you’re ever feeling a little Grinch like and are longing to bring out your inner Buddy the Elf we would highly recommend checking this parade out!

2 thoughts on “Blog Post #8: San Antonio Christmas River Parade

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