Blog Post #7: Mustang Island Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays!!!

With Thanksgiving last week and Christmas just around the corner, Rach and I have been trying to capture that holiday cheer we always get this time of year! Not being in Missouri right now has made that a little bit more challenging and we’ve really had to try some unconventional ways to get our holiday on.

This year for Thanksgiving we were unable to partake in our usual family traditions of turkey eating, card playing, and overall relaxing. Instead, we decided to grab some turkey burgers with a side of instant mashed potatoes, and head to the beach for some camping! There are numerous beaches in Texas, but after a little research we decided to hit up Mustang Island State Park near Corpus Christi. I must confess, our expectations for this beach were fairly low based on pictures we had seen and reviews we had heard. However, we were pleasantly surprised. We arrived at about lunchtime and registered for a spot on the beach. At the office, a wilderness ranger gave us directions to our campsite. Little did we know that we would actually be driving on the beach to our own secluded slice of ocean front property. Neither Rachel nor I had ever driven on the beach so needless to say we both got pretty jazzed as we sped past some sand dunes.

We set up camp and put our swimming suits on, ready for a day of swimming, reading, and relaxing. One thing we weren’t very prepared for was the wind. At one point our tent almost blew away! But we quickly figured out ways to keep our things from sailing down the beach front. Two of our favorite experiences from this trip were stargazing at night and waking up early for the sunrise. Because the beach is so secluded and away from any resorts the stars are so much brighter than usual! We loved searching for different constellations and sleeping with our tent fly open so we could see the stars throughout the night.

We also woke up at about 6:15 am to see the sunrise. This was one of the most spectacular sunrises I’ve ever seen. The sky was so golden at the horizon and had a beautiful reflection on the sapphire water below it. All in all this was an extremely successful thanksgiving and we hope to head back to Mustang Island for another camping experience before our next travel assignment!

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