Blog Post #4: South Congress Ave.

Rach and I have really enjoyed exploring all that Austin has to offer. On one of our most recent outings we hit up South Congress street (also known as SOCO). SOCO is one of the most popular and iconic spots in Austin and we’re lucky enough that our Airbnb is really close to this area.Β  I’m so surprised it took us a few weeks to really check this area out but it’s become one of our favorites!Β  This street is lined with groovy little boutiques, antique shops and restaurants. Rach and I went on a rainy day and spent the afternoon Window shopping and finding new restaurants. This street is perfect if you’re looking for an outfit no one else will have, a fun hat, or a gift for a friend. Some of our favorites from SOCO are Guero’s and Jo’s Coffee. Guero’s had the best Tex-mex food we’ve had so far and it offers an eclectic outdoor space that is ideal for people watching! Jo’s is an avocado green coffee shop with some unique drinks that are sure to adequately caffeinate you. One place we haven’t checked out yet that we’re really looking forward to is Home Slice. This pizza joint has been suggested by a few people but every time we go it’s super crowded so stay tuned!

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