Blog Post #2: Lady Bird Lake

This past week has flown by! Rach started working on Tuesday and naturally has felt a little apprehensive about her new job so I’ve been trying to think of ways to keep her mind off of work! Here’s one of the outdoor activities we found to be helpful.

Biking around Lady Bird Lake

Our airbnb is in the South Congress area of Austin which is a little south of downtown making Lady Bird Lake highly accessible to us. Lady bird lake is a reservoir of the Colorado River and sits directly in downtown Austin. One of our favorites things to do in the evening is either walk or bike around the lake. There are approximately 10 miles of trails that border the lake where you can see runners, walkers and cyclists at all times of the day.

During one of our evening walks we ran into a family who were visiting from Florida. They were in Austin for the United States Grand Prix which was held at the Circuit of the Americas track in Elroy, which is in the southeast section of the Austin city limits. This race is the only Formula 1 Series Race in the US, so it’s kind of a big deal. Taylor Swift, Venus Williams, chef Gordon Ramsey, Jeff Gordon, and many other celebs were there. The reason I’m telling you this is as we were speaking with this family, a movie star, who was in town for the grand prix, and his entourage walked by. Rachel, of course, didn’t recognize him at first, but when she did, she was star-struck, and wanted to get a picture with him. To my chagrin, Rach’s opening line was going to go something like this, “You’ve sure lost a lot of weight since 300, are you sure you’re Gerard Butler???” Luckily, Gerald was long gone before Rachel had an opportunity to embarrass herself but now we know to keep our eyes open for celebrities!

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